Battle Reports!

I decided to start linking my battle report posts in one place to make it easier on you, the wonderful reader, to see the games I actually manage to get in and report on. Hopefully this list will be growing more very soon!

Battle 1:
Battle for the Mausoleum January 18th, 2016
1000 KoM & 1000 KoM VS 1000 Undead & 1000 Ogres
Where I attempt to play two lists and introduce two new players to Kings of War with a Kill scenario.

Battle 2:
Battle for the Brew February 8th, 2016
1000 Kom vs 1000 Elves
Where I bring an OCD MSU list to a Dominate game.

Battle 3:
Provincial Loot March 7th, 2016
1000 KoM vs 1000 Elves
I try out a game with some nifty loot counters on the line. We played Pillage, despite the game title.

Battle 4:
Invasion! April 11th, 2016
1500 KoM vs 1500 Elves
We inch closer towards playing a game at a proper scale, bringing a new list to an Invade game.

Battle 5:
Slaughter in the Specter's Shadow (Kill) September 19th, 2016
2000 KoM vs 2000 Elves
In which I take a spammy list of infantry against the usual elvish menace.

Battle 6:
Brewhaha Brawl October 3rd, 2016
2000 KoM vs 2000 Elves
I try a real game with the Loot scenario. Sorta.

Battle 7:
Baddies in the Badlands November 7th, 2016
1000 KoM vs 500 Ratkin and 500 Undead
I introduce two players to Kings of War with a Kill Scenario.

Battle 8
Loot and Legends December 12th, 2016
1000 KoM and 1000 Ratkin vs 2000 Undead
The players from Battle 7 give the Loot scenario a go with different teams.

Battle 9
Spaceman Scuffle May 1st, 2017
1500 KoM vs 1500 Elves
After a long time away from the table, the elves and humans throw down once again in a Kill scenario with a fun proxy model! Mistakes are made and fun is had.

Battle 10:
Intro Game with no Clever Title June 24th, 2017
750 Varangur vs 750 Herd
After another long hiatus, I introduce my girlfriend to war gaming. We play a Kill scenario.

Battle 11:
Intro to Revenge! June 24th, 2017
750 Varangur vs 750 Herd
An immediate rematch between the armored and fuzzy armies.

Battle 12:
The Varangur Throw Down August 21st, 2017
1300 KoM vs 1300 Varangur
A larger introductory game between the Regnum and the Varangur.

Battle 13:
Ankle Biters Unite! September 18th, 2017
750 Halflings (League of Rhodia) and 750 Ratkin vs 1500 Undead
Two (heh) smaller forces attempt to tackle a large host of undead.

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