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After my third rambling post on the “multiple small unit” (MSU) style play, I figured it was time to explore the whole “page” function of blogger, and try to organize my thoughts a bit. The aim here is to create a resource for those wanting to read and learn a little about MSU and how I’ve found it relating to Kings of War. So here we are. Welcome!

As discussed a bit in the posts themselves, MSU is particularly hard to nail down for Kings of War, due to non-linear unit costs for units, and the game’s rules just generally encouraging this style of play (from nods in army construction to really rewarding you for flank charging something). All this means that the line between MSU and "normal" play is really muddled in Kings of War. In other words, I think this style of play is more common in this game. Honestly, that’s great. I’ve enjoyed playing the style for a few years now, and will continue to use the term MSU to describe my efforts, but I am very excited to play a game that seems to actively encourage players to incorporate aspects of it into their everyday play… even if the terminology gets now muddled a little and it becomes a less unique way to play.

Each army seems to have their own way to play a more MSU-focused game, due to available units, unit costs, unit stats or army special rules. I am finding that there doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast way to define MSU, but there are some general trends, as explored in the post. Considering these themes, and applying them when building a list may help you build a more MSU-styled army.

After playing a few games of Kings of War, consider perusing this post, even if you are not playing MSU. There are a lot of armies in Kings of War, and a lot of potential threats out there. Look at the checklist, and your list… and hopefully it helps you understand your lists might be strong or weak against before you bring it to the table.

Even if you have played MSU in a different game... Kings of War is a new game, and as such will necessitate developing new skills and tactics. I try to summarize some of what makes Kings of War unique here, and is more of a “food for thought” post.

So yeah, explore the above links, let me know what you think, and we’ll see how this whole "page" thing works. Updates and edits are sure to come. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Great to see the separate section for MSU! I hope we will have more things to discuss with experience growing and that this page will turn into one fat book! :D