Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Plastic!

In January, I caved and ordered some new plastic... and over the last week it all arrived. I've gazed upon the sprues, but am trying to hold off actually working on anything until I finish up transitioning my old Empire stuff over. We'll see how long my resolution holds... these are some cool looking models.

So.... this is (*gulp*) wave one of new stuff for my army. Wave two will be some more Roman Legionaries so do Roman-style shield wall and spear phalanx units to keep with my fluff. In wave one we have:

·         Two boxes of Praetorian Guard from Hail Caesar, for a total of 40 minis. I’ve been wanting to add some Romans for some time, and with KoW, I have an excuse. These will be used as Foot Guard with shields. hopefully they'll anchor my infantry lines a bit.
·         A box of Foot Sergeants, totaling 48 minis! I ordered some stuff from Fireforge Games, and this was part of a bundle, AND pushed my order over into free shipping territory, so I had to splurge and pick it up. Lots of options with these guys… but I have no real plans for them yet though.
·         A box of Mounted Sergeants, totaling 12 minis. Will be mixed in with some spare GW knights and run as Mounted Sergeants, giving me some cheap and nimble cavalry, which should go great with my general MSU approach.
·         A box of Mongol Cavalry, totaling 12 minis. Will be run as Scouts with Bows.
·         Two packs of Mongol Heavy Horse Archers, totaling 8 minis. Will be the leaders in my units of Scouts with Bows… with models left over. They looked cool, so I splurged and went for 2 packs. We’ll see what the spares end up being. Maybe some kind of Elite Scouts troop or something? I did not think the purchase through and was blinded by cool historical models.
·         One box of Empire State Troops, 10 models. Not a huge fan of the models, but I as it turns out I need a few bodies to finish off three units properly. The repaints have been the hassle with these; painting them up from square one isn’t too bad, now that I’ve learned to leave the arms off until the end. 

My plan is to start with the State Troopers, to help finish off my Empire transition projects, and then dive into the rest of the cool new models in some (hopefully) organized fashion. Not sure on when these new models will see some love; I have lost track of how much more Empire stuff I still need to touch up and transition over. I'll hopefully do an inventory of things and some army-wide progress pics this weekend to see where I stand. Lots of hobbying to get to!

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