Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Hobby Update: Abyssal's Second Moloch Horde

The launch of Third Edition threw a few of my armies into disarray. My Abyssals were probably the hardest hit at the time, due to Flamebearers being made irregular. This change limited what I could potentially run in Third, as now these units (admittedly only 2) needed unlocks instead of providing them!

Fortunately for me, over the summer I happened on another box of discounted Trollkin Champions and snatched it up. Even with limited hobby space, five minis were easy enough to paint up, and thankfully I had a spare base on hand too!

The second Horde is much like the first. There's... not a lot you can do to mix things up with the sculpts.

Getting a second horde was great, as they would let me unlock all my finished units for 3rd! I was still a hero unlock short, but I have enough spare bits and models to make a Regiment of Lower Abyssals sometime, and also picked up some models in 2018 to run as a Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen, so I would be set for all my unlocks eventually.

Based on when I took the picture, it looks like I finished the unit about concurrently with when Halpi's Rift was released, which actually reversed the Irregular status of the Flamebears. So, hey, I'm definitely back to being good on unlocks.

Slight sarcasm aside, a second Horde of Molochs will still be a good thing for me to have. My Abyssal army is mostly a bunch of glass cannons (Flamebearers, Imps, and troops of two-handing Abyssal Guard), so this second horde will add in some staying power. 

I think in 2021 I'll try to find some better shields and finally do up the Lower Abyssal Regiment, and hopefully get some work in on the Abyssal Horsemen conversions as well. We'll see what I can get done once spring hits!

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