Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Misc WIP Update

I probably have a bit too much on my hobby plate currently.

With the completion of the Halfling army, I turned my attention the the Abyssals this last week. They are the last little army collection I wanted to undertake. (For the record, I am now collecting 6 armies: Kingdoms of Men, Undead, Halflings, Herd, Varangur and Abyssals. Also for the record, I am a fool.)

Like the Varangur and Herd, my intention with the Abyssals was to do up a quick intro-army now, and then expand it a bit down the road. I don't intend for them to grow beyond 1500-2000 points though; nor do I intend for them to be played much on their own. Rather, I figured the Abyssals, Herd, and Varangur would be a solid trio to play against for a bigger group game, with the Abyssals contributing some ranged options. We'll uh... we'll see how long it takes to get an intro list table ready. I have a few units primed already, but have made very little painting progress so far, so no pics.

Kingdoms of Men
I got back to hobbying on my main army for a little bit, but unfortunately ran out of the paint color I use for sand, and have yet to find a replacement (all three of the local stores were sold out of the color, and I hadn't been able to replicate it well). I'm hoping to get a replacement pot within the next week or so. When I get that pot, I'll be trying to get a second Beast of War and four Knight troops finished up. After that... I have some more Roman infantry to work on.

After finishing the Halflings (dozens of models) and starting the Abyssals (another three dozen or so), I was burnt out a little, and looking for a brief hobbying reprieve. I decided to hobby a bit on some neglected Undead, started long ago. The models are Reaper Bones, with some weapon swaps to spice things up. While I was at it, I also dug up an old Lich model, also from Reaper. Over an evening or two, these were all done up.

The Undead are peculiar among my collection, in that I did not intend for them to be a stand-alone army. They were painted up with the intention of being loaned out to my Undead-playing friend, which I why I don't have much of the staple Skeleton or Zombie units, and instead have a lot of fun Wights and Skeleton Archers; units I knew my friend lacked, but could be useful for Kings of War.

As I approached the weekend, I was gearing up for another round with the Abyssals.

However, my birthday was over the weekend, and my girlfriend surprised me with a Mortis Engine/Coven Throne kit. I apparently commented on one once while at the shop with her (I do not recall this offhand comment at all, but mad kudos to her for her thoughtfulness). I don't recall anyone ever gifting me a figure, let alone a mammoth GW kit, so I was floored. 

So... I will absolutely need to do something cool with the model. From what little I know about the Undead though, neither kit option has a good Kings of War equivalent, with most parties online opting to run theirs proxied as either a Vampire on Undead Dragon or Revenant King on Undead Wyrm. Some kind of leader model certainly seems appropriate, though I am not sure what I want to run mine as.

Whichever I end up fielding, I will likely need to expand my Undead collection a bit (heh, excuses excuses). Right now my collection is mostly Wights, with some skeleton archers and warriors in tow. 

As I understand the typical Undead force, the Wights are a very expensive hammer, and the army usually have more of a "overwhelm with superior numbers" approach to fighting. I have some spare Skeletons and a horde of Mantic Zombies sitting unpainted in boxes, but now I will very likely have a few Undead purchases in the future. 

So yeah. I have a lot on the table to begin with right now, even more things boxed up and waiting patiently, and now another project on the horizon thanks to a thoughtful girlfriend. That's alright. I'm perfectly happy to have these kinds of "problems"! Back to painting...

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