Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hobby Update: Halfling Army

The Halflings are ready for the table! ...Though I have no idea when that will be. Scheduling games has basically been impossible this year. Before I dive into my thoughts on the introductory list, or my early impressions of Halfling strategy, here is the little expeditionary force!

Ready to kick some shins.
The mounted Standard Bearer needs a standard still, and a few touchups are needed, as well as "edging" the bases, but this is close enough. I'm really impressed with how much life the shrubs give the bases. I think I'll need to add a few plants to the Regnum's bases now.

All of the models (with the exception of the volley gun) are from HaT, purchased via a third-party online retailer. Models at this 1/72 scale are much, much cheaper than the 28mm scale used in Kings of War. I spent $80, and got enough minis to hit 2000 points easily. (In addition to the finished models here, I have about 500 points of regiments (spears, archers and more knights), and 600 points of troop-level support in numerous Halfling Scouts and a few mounted Ranger units. Additionally, I have spare models for heroes, and even a few siege sprues which I could convert into more volley guns.) The point I'd like to make is, if you want to pick up some halflings, and avoid the "second breakfast" or dopier themes associated with them, check out models at 1/72 mm!

Overall, the League of Rhodia looks to play similarly to the Kingdoms of Men, utilizing options such as knights, gunpowder and a variety of infantry units. In addition to those basic tools, the League also has the Halflings to serve as both specialists (war machines, Scouts and Rangers) and as cheap (and Stealthy!) anvils/tar pits/cannon fodder (the Halfling Braves, Spears, etc).

Whenever they hit the table, here is what I'll be fielding. Halflings-only is a bit of a challenge, as the tiny humanoids are a little under-powered. Nothing has Crushing Strength; the sorcerer can't pick up Bane-Chant; the Knights only have Thunderous Charge 1. Potentially, the knights could do some damage if they get the charge... but the most dangerous thing in the list is the Volley Gun... provided I can position it and then protect it well enough for it to shoot a few times.

The list has a good number of drops for the points level, so I should have plenty of options in the movement phase. The Nerve on the units isn't great, so long grindy fights will do me in. However, if the knights get some charges and the volley gun is protected long enough, I think I have decent chances at winning.

I think the army will be a good introduction for other players to play against. While I think I can win, I think it will be an uphill battle, and I'm fine with that. The Halflings don't really have chaff, or hard-hitting units to rely on, so smart deployment and tactics, and superior numbers will be needed to carry the day.

I am also really interested in seeing how the sorcerer performs. Wind Blast is something I have yet to encounter personally. At first glance the spell looks really underwhelming, and used by itself, I think that's a fair assessment. Woowee, I can reverse Shamble you. I think the strength of the spell lies in combining it with clever movement phases. Hopefully having the Halfling Sorcerer mounted, and a good number of drops will help me discover some uses for Wind Blast. If I uncover anything interesting, you'll see it in the battle report!

We'll see when these hit the table. In the meantime, I still have a lot of things to hobby on. Back to work for now, and I'll have some more WIP things up soon!

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