Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hobby Update: Varangur Army

I had a potential game fall apart on me, so spent the evening puttering around my apartment. One of the things I did was take stoke of the Varangur project. I realized that I'm about 50 points shy of 2000 points of Varangur painted and ready for the table. I could easily reach that with some Gifts and Magic items. Not bad for only a few months!

This seems like a good place to take a break on the Varangur. To be sure, I have future plans for the army. I still have two more regiments of Warbands to paint up and nearly 100 old Chaos Warriors in various degrees of completion that can be converted over into Kings of War. Mix in a few monsters... and this could be an great collection of baddies.

The first, immediate goal for the Varangur project was to create a small force on hand for introductory level games (around 1000 points). I figured a KoM mirror-match would be boring for an intro game, as part of the fun of Kings of War (in my opinion) is the variety of armies (and models) one can field. Right now, I can now offer up intro lists for the Kingdoms of Men, the Undead and now the Varangur, so yeah, I definitely achieved this goal.

The second, more long-term goal for the Varangur project is to create a large force for use in mega battles. I've talked to a few people who are on board with the idea, and can probably sway a few more for an afternoon of large-scale tabletop fighting. Having a few thousand points of evil vikings to draw from can only be a good thing here. So yeah, not there yet, but I'm definitely on my way with this goal.

This force is a good starting point for that future goal. Mix in my the other unpainted models, maybe pick up a few monsters... and the Varangur could be a numerous (and fearsome!) force for folks to square off against as part of a big game.

So, yeah. I have a good pool to draw from should I be fortunate enough to introduce the game (had a few people express casual interest... we'll see what happens), and I have a good starting point from which to expand the collection.

...But for now, I'm going to shift my focus away from the Varangur. I've got a bunch of old KoM stuff to get back to, and I would also like to get back to the Herd project I undertook (and quickly abandoned) late last year. Not sure what will be up next, but I should have some WIP stuff coming relatively soon.

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