Monday, May 8, 2017

Hobby Update: Mounted Skaalds, Magus and KoM Wizards

I am still catching up on the blog. I was quite fortunate, and got a game in recently. A battle report should be up soon. But first, more hobbying. I took a break from the Mounted Sons, and painted up some heroes. First up are some mighty Varangur!

Just about everything in the Varangur army is expensive. However, Skaalds, their version of the Army Standard Bearer, are actually priced rather reasonably, and as a result, will likely be making their way into most of the Varangur lists I may run. They also have a ranged attack, so there is the potential for some anti-chaff attacks, general harassment or late-game support. Unfortunately, it is only a single attack, so primarily they’ll be around to spread that Inspiring bubble. Anything else I can do with them is a bonus.

About half the points of my Varangur are mounted units, so I wanted the Skaalds to be mounted as well. On the horses, they should be able to keep pace with anything. The models themselves are just kitbashes; a hodgepodge from old Games Workshop kits.

The Magus was a simple GW conversion too. Just a Chaos Warrior head swaped onto the body of the Chaos Sorcerer model. I never liked the head the original came with.

In game, the guy is just a pretty typical wizard, and will likely hang back a bit and blast at things, as wizards do.

In addition to these Varangur, I also managed to finish up some Kingdoms of Men heroes, who had been nearly done for about 6 months. I simply lost interest in them with a lack of games. But with just a little more paint, they are ready for the table now.

These guys didn't really get any conversion work. 

The mounted wizards are from Warlord Games, and came free in the Praetorian Guard box. That was a great purchase for me. Still need to work on the Guards themselves though… The wizard on foot is also from Warlord Games.

I'm not sure how often these will see the table. Special slots (heroes, war machines, monsters) are generally at a premium in my KoM lists. I seem to struggle connecting with spells of any kind, so I have been leaving the wizards alone the last few games. Still, it's good to have them done. They'll see play eventually!

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