Monday, April 17, 2017

Hobby WIP: Varangur Project

Way back in January, I was cleaning and reorganizing my apartment, and got distracted. I ended up inventorying a lot of old Chaos Warriors and related (abandoned) projects. After some number crunching, I decided to start a small 1000 point Varangur contingent, with an eye to using it for possible intro games.

This idea spiraled out of control quickly, expanding from a simple 1000 points to an amorphous project of possibly considering repainting all my old Warrior models. I didn't hobby regularly, nor did I make much progress on much. This, compounded by a lack of games, meant I didn't really have much to post about.

The last month or so though, I tried to rein in the scope of the project, focus my efforts, and make some real hobby progress, finish up a few odds and ends (like the General and the Militia), and try to get back in the habit of posting semi-regularly.

Lots of bases!
Above are all the bases for this Varangur project. It's down to about 2000 points. So, double the original idea, but way, way down from where it could have been. Most of the units will be Mounted Sons (Chaos Knights) and Warbands (Marauders), which will give me some flexibility in intro-level (1000 point) lists, and be a good jumping off point if I want to get more into repainting old Chaos units, or mix in some of the more distinctive Varangur units, like the Fallen, Magus Conclaves, or any monsters.

Will have some updates and WIP posts up soon! The blog is almost current!

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