Monday, December 26, 2016

Hobby Update: Skeleton Archers

While the Warriors only had a few models with stands, the Archers were going to be the opposite. I figured working on them would be a nice intermediate step before tackling the basing of the Militia, who have nothing but stands.

I built/converted some Games Workshop Tomb King skeletons into archers (I didn't have quite enough bits), and picked up multiple packs of skeleton archers from Reaper Mini to fill up my ranks.

With so many repeated models (the ones from Reaper), I wanted to try to break the monotany a bit, and added straps and quivers all over to give the illusion of difference. For the base, since it's goofy to have the same rocks over and over, I added some "rocks" using green stuff. In retrospect, I should have used actual rocks or spent more time sculpting. The blobs don't quite work...

About half the models from reaper..
As before, models with stands were glued to the MDF base. I omitted the milliput this time, and just added the Vallejo paste, to play with the process a bit. Then everything was primed white, and then painted.
Mid priming.

These were pretty easy to paint up. Skeletons don't take much work, and with so much repetition, I cranked these out over a weekend.

...and now, worthy of the table top!
They turned out well enough! Might do a few touch ups down the line, but for now, these guys are done. They made an appearance as a horde in Battle 8, as my opponent did not have his models ready, and I figured why proxy if we don't have to? I don't plan on running these guys too often myself, but having them on hand to loan out for big games or as part of a small force to introduce Kings of War to folks is going to be great.

Basing wise, the green stuff rocks fell a bit short, and just the paste wasn't that great on its own for working with the models with stands. I've used the paste a lot for the Regnum, but I think Milliput will need to play a bigger role in basing the Militia...

Anyways, this Undead hobbying tangent is shambling towards completion!

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