Monday, August 7, 2017

Hobby Update: Varangur Horse Raiders & Ogre Allies

After my last post, the smart thing to do would have been to work on stuff I literally already had on my hobby table. By and large ...that is not what I did, though the KoM Knights have gotten some more paint. 

So what did I work on? Transitioning some old Warriors of Chaos models. I was reorganizing some storage and figured they'd be quick enough to convert. I was mostly right. I still have some infantry to finish up, but the Horse Raiders and Ogres are finished! Aside from painting the horses blue, these models were pretty much just rebased, so I won't post any "before" pics, just the final.

Horse Raiders
I never did actually buy a box of Marauder Horsemen back in the day. The unit was jumbled together from bitz purchases over time. I started gluing these from right-to-left... and quickly ran out of space for all five of my models, so I have a spare musician now. Oops. I may have some other bitz around though too. If I can squeeze out another unit of these down the road, I will.

They didn't see a lot of use in Warhammer for me, but I could see the appeal in Kings of War, since I don't need to point-buy to make them versatile. Mounted Scouts and Mounted Sergeants are two of my favorite units for Kingdoms of Men, and these Horse Raiders fulfill a similar medium-cavalry role with the bonus of having a ranged attack, even if the range is limited. If I can get this unit into a flank, I should have plenty of options to harry the advance of opposing units or flank or multi-charge with them. The unit seems pretty versatile, but not prohibitively expensive.

Ogre Berserkers
I loved my Chaos Ogres in Warhammer. The only "gear" they got was the Mark of Slaanesh, but they were the workhorses of my Chaos Army. They were cheap; they were speedy; and they hit decently hard. In Kings of War, their uses might be a little circumscribed (no cannonballs to catch; no charges to bait nor to flee), but I still think there's plenty to work with, and I think they'll do well when they hit the table.

By my count, the Raiders put me a little over 2000 points of pure Varangur (no marks or upgrades or items), and the Berserkers add another 450 points of allies. This evil army is coming along nicely!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Misc WIP Update

I probably have a bit too much on my hobby plate currently.

With the completion of the Halfling army, I turned my attention the the Abyssals this last week. They are the last little army collection I wanted to undertake. (For the record, I am now collecting 6 armies: Kingdoms of Men, Undead, Halflings, Herd, Varangur and Abyssals. Also for the record, I am a fool.)

Like the Varangur and Herd, my intention with the Abyssals was to do up a quick intro-army now, and then expand it a bit down the road. I don't intend for them to grow beyond 1500-2000 points though; nor do I intend for them to be played much on their own. Rather, I figured the Abyssals, Herd, and Varangur would be a solid trio to play against for a bigger group game, with the Abyssals contributing some ranged options. We'll uh... we'll see how long it takes to get an intro list table ready. I have a few units primed already, but have made very little painting progress so far, so no pics.

Kingdoms of Men
I got back to hobbying on my main army for a little bit, but unfortunately ran out of the paint color I use for sand, and have yet to find a replacement (all three of the local stores were sold out of the color, and I hadn't been able to replicate it well). I'm hoping to get a replacement pot within the next week or so. When I get that pot, I'll be trying to get a second Beast of War and four Knight troops finished up. After that... I have some more Roman infantry to work on.

After finishing the Halflings (dozens of models) and starting the Abyssals (another three dozen or so), I was burnt out a little, and looking for a brief hobbying reprieve. I decided to hobby a bit on some neglected Undead, started long ago. The models are Reaper Bones, with some weapon swaps to spice things up. While I was at it, I also dug up an old Lich model, also from Reaper. Over an evening or two, these were all done up.

The Undead are peculiar among my collection, in that I did not intend for them to be a stand-alone army. They were painted up with the intention of being loaned out to my Undead-playing friend, which I why I don't have much of the staple Skeleton or Zombie units, and instead have a lot of fun Wights and Skeleton Archers; units I knew my friend lacked, but could be useful for Kings of War.

As I approached the weekend, I was gearing up for another round with the Abyssals.

However, my birthday was over the weekend, and my girlfriend surprised me with a Mortis Engine/Coven Throne kit. I apparently commented on one once while at the shop with her (I do not recall this offhand comment at all, but mad kudos to her for her thoughtfulness). I don't recall anyone ever gifting me a figure, let alone a mammoth GW kit, so I was floored. 

So... I will absolutely need to do something cool with the model. From what little I know about the Undead though, neither kit option has a good Kings of War equivalent, with most parties online opting to run theirs proxied as either a Vampire on Undead Dragon or Revenant King on Undead Wyrm. Some kind of leader model certainly seems appropriate, though I am not sure what I want to run mine as.

Whichever I end up fielding, I will likely need to expand my Undead collection a bit (heh, excuses excuses). Right now my collection is mostly Wights, with some skeleton archers and warriors in tow. 

As I understand the typical Undead force, the Wights are a very expensive hammer, and the army usually have more of a "overwhelm with superior numbers" approach to fighting. I have some spare Skeletons and a horde of Mantic Zombies sitting unpainted in boxes, but now I will very likely have a few Undead purchases in the future. 

So yeah. I have a lot on the table to begin with right now, even more things boxed up and waiting patiently, and now another project on the horizon thanks to a thoughtful girlfriend. That's alright. I'm perfectly happy to have these kinds of "problems"! Back to painting...