Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hobby WIP: Mounted Sons of Korgaan

I picked up a lot of Chaos Knight models back in my Warhammer days. The goal was to eventually paint them up to field them in GIANT-sized games, since they cost a lot of points, and a few larger units would be fun to see charging around the table.

That never uh.. never transpired. The only mega battle I got to play in (End Times themed) I didn’t have enough painted to really use in a grand fashion. But I'm hopeful I'll get in a mega battle for Kings of War sometime. This game scales up far, far better than Warhammer did, so I’m hopeful I can convince some people to play a big game sometime this summer. I’m having seemingly perpetual  troubles nailing down normal games though, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyways, my Varangur project stared out with two regiments of Mounted Sons... but this quickly ballooned into all thirty or so of my Knight minis, spanning untouched plastic, simple repaints, and stripped models. I have been trying to batch paint these, and have been slowly hobbying on them since early March. Thirty knights are a lot to paint up!

Progress! But it has been slow going. 
All my old completed Chaos models were hit the table Marked, and painted appropriately. I decided to largely step away from that for the Varangur, opting for a rather mundane scheme dominated by black metal and brass. Fluff-wise, my Varangur will be aligned with my arctic Herd (a project I hope to return to soon, now that I've got a few things figured out), so the Varangur horses are getting the chilly blue-skinned treatment. It will add a little more color to the unit, and I think will look pretty cool on the table, with our without their Herd buddies.

In the end I plan on ending up with three regiments and two troops. With the horses done, I'm going through all the knight bits now, priming, painting and assembling them by units. We'll see how long it takes to finish these up. They are still in progress.

I did take a few breaks while painting the Mounted Sons, and do have some table-worthy models to show off though. Hopefully by the time I get around to posting those, the Mounted Sons will be finished and ready to show off too.

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